Top 6 Techniques To Enhance the Quality of Facebook Lead Ads!

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In order to become successful, one has to do things right. This is the case with Facebook ads as well. What is it that needs to be done, so as to come up with some of the best Facebook lead ads? We will be seeing them right here! Here are some useful tips to help you improve the Facebook lead ads quality. So, let's go through them...

Ways to enhance the Facebook lead ads quality:

1. Costs should be specific and transparent

Amongst the issues faced by marketers is when individuals revert back to their ads, just to be disappointed to know that it is way out of their reach. Communicate to your audience clearly, as to who is your ad meant for. This will take out those individuals who are just interested in the product, however, won't actually end up being a lead. More transparent and straightforward your expenses are, the better it happens to be. For instance, rather than stating, 'houses beginning from 60 lakhs', you can state, 'houses in the range of 60 lakhs to 2 crores'. This will automatically eliminate individuals whose budget is lesser than 60 lakhs.

2. Be aware of what information you need

Lead ads tend to be a handy method to accumulate data from your target audience, however, it's vital not to ask for an excessive amount of information. This can become tedious and distract the potential leads. What's more, all things considered, this would negate the very purpose of a simple, easy to use lead form ad. Thus, it is critical that you concentrate on the information you need to meet your target and that's it. Facebook presents you with a ton of fields to demand for information, yet, don't be enticed to request more than you need.

3. Go for open-ended questions

Facebook Lead Generation forms are simpler to submit, since the data is generally fetched through Facebook, and individuals are not required to type. This makes it simple for a random audience to fill the form on click. Therefore, pose with some straight forward and open-ended questions related to costs. This enables the audience to know whether the specific advertisement is relevant for them or not, and it assists you to generate leads that would convert.

4. Have a customized thank you page

Having a thank you page that is customized, is an incredible method to encourage individuals to remain engaged with your business, post they submit their lead form. Include a headline in order to promote brand awareness and incorporate a call-to-action button to allure your new leads.

Some examples that work on the thank you pages are as follows:

- Offer download

E.g. Permit visitors to download coupons or white paper

- Website redirection

Redirect visitors to your website

- Call initiation

Ask prospects to give a call to your business for further information

5. Request for contact information separately

A number of forms are filled up using the information that is already accessible on a user's Facebook profile. In spite of the fact that the name and the email address are probably not going to be obsolete, one can see numerous phone numbers which are either not being used, or not happen to be of their own. This proves to be a hurdle during the conversion of leads to customers. By including a custom question independently, asking regarding their contact details, one can persuade the users to manually fill out their details. In most cases, they happen to be authentic.

6. Invest into traditional advertisements

Based on the experience of the experts that have worked with quite a few brands, it can be stated that businesses that have invested into conventional advertisement campaigns have higher odds of earning much better leads via Facebook. There have also been situations where the customer has tuned in to your radio jingle or came across your hoarding. However, coming across it again on the digital platform initiates a brand recall and spurs them to go for an instant inquiry, and that prompts capturing of the leads.

So, do think about it.

Although there isn't any thumb rule; as far as the tips mentioned above are concerned, adopting these would bring about a big difference in terms of having quality Facebook lead ads! After all, that is our purpose.

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