Reinventing Human Capital

Posted by: Karthick K | Human Resources

In this digitized and technology driven world, there is no doubt that the globally outsourced job market is very highly disrupted. Searching for a job is becoming very challenging and furthermore becomes difficult when we are not addressing it in a professional manner. So what did we miss?

Well, we can create our own personalized method to monitor our skill progression but inorder to fulfill the job requirement, we should not have any Lacuna. Lacuna what? Simply put its a skill gap and must be filled.

How to address Lacuna?

Employers found that soft skills such as communication, leadership, ownership, and teamwork were missing in the new generation of professionals. The primary reason for skill gap happens due to the over dependence on technology and another being the recession that has widened the skill gap.


No working day will be complete without writing an email so job seekers must be very strong in oral and writing skills. Good communication skill is the key to success in life, work and relationships. Without effective communication a message can be turned into a misunderstood and misinterpreted error. So professionals must know how to increase the popularity by using modern technologies of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) namely the internet and social media.


The order of today's mantra is “Think Globally, Act Locally”. Gen”Y” has access to growing technology such as internet and media. The younger generation is not clear with how to achieve organizational goals and how to carry out their specific task. More importantly they lack the ability to guide others. Most of the young employees are not understanding the aspects of teamwork, trustworthiness, creativity and responsibility.


Taking ownership for mistakes and issues is another important skill. The current generation employees are not ready to take up responsibility for their actions as they are trying to find faults with their managers. In this case, employees are holding managers accountable for problems happening in the organization.


In the above mentioned skills, teamwork is an important skill were many of the professionals are lacking. This is because the majority of the coworkers do not trust their new teammates. The “team” in this current age will represent people from different discipline under one umbrella. This mode of employment will lead to a network of teams across the globe being physically present or active online. When an organization creates such a network to communicate on a massive work force for outcome-based results, it would carefully lay platforms to explore and measure the new dimension of creativity from its employees. To mark the performance of the company, it would build a team of HRs who can understand the new platform and maintain work ethics to create sustainable workforce.

Another major skill professionals lack is

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a skill that has been abandoned by a generation that can simply “google” solutions. The companies need critical thinkers to solve the problem, invent, communicate and collaborate.

Hence the role of today’s HR would be not only to concentrate on the development of an individual, but also to concentrate on a network of massive workforce across borders. This would create a better place for employees to build their experience that also adds value to the company. This would certainly create an impact and the HR would be put into test when the massive workforce collaborates with Artificial Intelligence. The idea of “Office” would change with this network building and the HR will have to understand the needs and build a bridge between the employee and the employer.

Where we can invest our skills?

Be ready for accepting the challenges, for a future job market is to do everything in your power.

  • Target an industry that have high potential growth in future
  • Target a highly skilled career rather than job
  • Become a lifelong learner. Because learning is a permanent change in a continuous process.

HR’s will have to keep up with the pace of change in business. Professionals must need to raise their skills and capabilities with the organization’s overall business goals. HR’s strategic role must help in meeting the intense pressures of today’s business environment.

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