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Why Digital Marketing Training Institutes are in Demand?

Digital Marketing Training requirements are increasing exponentially, so lot of digital marketing training courses/institutes are coming up in important business cities like Coimbatore. The reason for this is the increasing number of jobs in Digital Marketing. There are lot of reports in the press like the one titled “Why digital marketing is the next big career opportunity”.

Due to increase in Digital users and engagement (Time spent is more than 6 hours), Digital Ad Spent has overtaken Traditional Media Ad spent in 2017. In 2019 digital ad spent has stood at $333 Billion Dollars according to emarketers., which is a huge turnover indicating the growing prominence of Digital Marketing Industry.

It is very clear that Digital Marketing already has lot of opportunities. So, getting yourself into digital marketing course and become an expert will be a very good career decision. What should one learn in Digital Marketing to become an expert?

Digital Marketing training courses/institutes should aim to provide mastery in the following 4 aspects

1.Marketing Knowledge

Digital Marketing is essentially Marketing done in Digital. Having strong foundational understanding of ‘what is marketing’, ‘how companies carry out successful marketing campaigns’, ‘knowhow of what works and what doesn’t work’, and ‘recent trends especially due to digital technological revolution’ are essential understanding that one should have.

2.Communication & copyrighting ability

Communication is to clearly articulate the message that will kindle the desired behaviour in the target audience. Copyrighting is to craft the message such a way that message gets across in the right manner. It is absolutely essential to gain mastery over communication & copyrighting to become an effective digital marketer.

For example, through this ad (link) fevicol wants to communicate the message ‘sticking means fevicol’. But the way they have crafted the message in the ad is so intuitive and gripping that fevicol has become the No.1 Brand.

3.Creative Technologies & Tools

The core of digital marketing is to have own business website that needs to be designed to provide superior customer experience. In order to design the user friendly website,

Digital Marketer is expected to have skills in the following areas:

  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design Principles

Tools & Technologies

  • Word press for website creation
  • Photoshop for designing Facebook & Google Ad creatives, Poster & banner design and Photo Editing
  • Basic Video Editing Tools for making YouTube and Vimeo Videos
4.Digital Marketing Tools

There are number of tools that help digital marketer to market effectively. Having practical working knowledge of these tools is essential part of digital marketing training.

The most important tools are

  • Google Analytics – the analytics tool which helps us understand how the website is performing and who are visiting and what they are doing in the website.
  • Google Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console – to enhance website readability by Google
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ad Manager - for running Ad Campaigns

“Digital Marketing can only be learned through practice “

In order to learn Digital Marketing effectively, digital marketing training institutes must provide practical experience along with concepts. There are lot of reputed certification programs available today online including

  • Google Digital Unlocked certifications,
  • Facebook blue-print certification,
  • Hub spot Inbound Marketing Certification programs.

To make learning deeper, work on live projects to

  • Build a website with relevant content
  • Create profiles in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Create Posts (Images and Videos, blogs, etc.)
  • Traffic Generation through Inbound and Outbound methods
  • Practical learning can be augmented by simulations like Stukent to expedite the learning.

To conclude, a good Digital Marketing Training course or Institute, will focus on ensuring the mastery over all the 4 skills. With these kind of expertise, participants of these training programs are looking at bright career opportunities.

RVS IMSR, Coimbatore – Digital Marketing Training Experience

RVS IMSR Coimbatore offers 2 year MBA Program with Digital Marketing Specialization and customized Workshop. RVS IMSR aims to provide expertise in all the above 4 skills – Marketing knowledge, Creative Technologies, Communication & copyrighting and Digital Marketing Tools. In order to provide Industry exposure, RVS IMSR has partnered with Trainedge, a Digital Marketing Training Institute, operating since 2004.

RVS IMSR Digital Marketing Courses:
  • - Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, Sales and Distribution Management are fundamental courses for Marketing.
  • - Introduction to Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy are the courses that are aimed at enabling students develop conceptual understanding of digital marketing alongside Digital Marketing Tool knowledge.
  • - We have specifically designed the course Creative Technologies to cater to the needs of Website Design and Poster Design expertise.
  • - Hub spot Inbound Marketing Certification (Mandatory)
  • - Google Analytics (optional)
  • - Google Ads (optional)
  • - Facebook Analytics (Optional)

Our faculty had undergone various online programs to gain mastery into the Digital Marketing practices. Among the many simulations, we have finalized two of the Stukent simulations – as they are highly rewarding for participants.

  • Stukent Mimic Pro (Search Ad Simulation)
  • Stukent Mimic Social (Social Media Simulation)
Student Experience:

One of our student, Mr. Vishal V K, has got placed with Pinnacle Group in Thrissur as a sole Digital Marketing Professional. These are the words of him “I learnt Digital Marketing Specialization during my MBA Program and found a job with Pinnacle Group in Thrissur to establish the Digital marketing practice. I run Google & Facebook ad campaign extensively to get more customers. Mimic Pro simulation has helped me enormously to create campaigns. Thanks toRVS IMSR’s Digital Marketing course for the strong foundational understanding during the course and enjoy what I do”

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