How to Choose a best MBA Courses/College

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MBA Courses/College is supposed to make you learn to manage/lead a business irrespective of its size – small, medium or large enterprises. A business is any entity which is selling a product or service to the customer so as to meet certain needs of the customer. Best MBA Courses/Colleges are expected to be the best in enabling students to understand current business environment, best practices, current trends like Digital Technology disruption so that they can manage/lead businesses effectively.

RVS IMSR Coimbatore, one of the best MBA Institute in Digital Age with Tech MBA focus, is on a mission to make MBA Education meaningful and relevant to Digital Age by introducing On-Demand MBA Specializations in Active collaboration with Industry Experts.

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For example, Manager/Owner in a Tea shop need to have the understanding (or learning) of

Procurement – how and where to purchase the right raw materials (tea, milk, sugar, etc.,) so that tea can be consistent and best

Production Finding perfect Tea Making Process to ensure consistency of Tea

Customer Service – How customers can be greeted and treated for a happy experience?

Billing & Payments – How to price correctly? How to give bills and collect money?

Accounting – How to ensure daily accounts, monthly accounts and yearly accounts are maintained perfectly

Hiring & training – How to find the right person to prepare and serve tea to for a happy customer experience?

Infrastructure Development and Maintenance – How to design the Tea Shop by having best infrastructure possible in the given budget and how best can I maintain so it can last long and stay hygienic?

A Manager/Leader is expected to perform the above mentioned tasks expertly to run the tea shop successfully. Similarly, knowledge required to run any businesses like a Factory or a retail outlet, or a hotel or a taxi company can be elaborated and understood. MBA Courses/Colleges aspire to make students develop holistic understanding of business processes for ensuring successful business operation.

Best MBA Courses/Colleges will have the following 4 most important aspects of Business education done expertly

1. What are students learning – Best in industry CURRICULUM

Curriculum will define what students will learn during the MBA Program. A well-structured Curriculum should not only cover the basics of business concepts, but also current industrial practices and impact of technological advancement. Since Businesses are drastically impacted by Digital Technology, Curriculum also needs to be updated regularly to keep them relevant.

RVS IMSR understood the rapid nature of change in business due to digital technological revolution. In the last 7 years, RVS IMSR has introduced MBA Specializations in Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Applied Finance and Logistics. These specializations were created by industry experts panel alongside Academicians. To keep the content up-to-date, RVSIMSR brings industry experts together twice in a year, to enhance and update the curriculum.

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2. Who is making students learn – Best in Industry FACULTY

If you cannot explain simply, you don’t understand well enough – Albert Einstein

Faculty is at the center of making the learning happen, if they don’t update their knowledge, students will suffer. So, Faculty need to ensure they get adequate on-the-job training to stay updated.

RVS IMSR encourages Faculty to undertake regular certification programs, learning excursions to Industry so as to ensure they are always updated. Also, RVS IMSR employees the best Faculty – hiring Faculties with PhD or from IIMs or from Industry.

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3. How is learning Delivered to students – Practical Learning

What methodology MBA Courses/Colleges adopt to deliver the curriculum through Faculty is very important in ensuring student learning. One could adopt lecture based teaching, project based teaching, case-based teaching or may be a mix of these. Ultimately, Teaching Learning method has to ensure that students not just learn but master the curriculum and become ready to take on the job.

RVS IMSR has realized that teaching-learning method plays a vital role in rapidly changing Digital world. Practical learning is at the center in which students get guest lectures from Industry, real-time projects, internship opportunities, project based learning, etc,

4. Finally, does all this lead to Good placements – Placements

All these efforts are finally measured in placements. This is the proxy for how well students have learnt. How far student progresses in corporate ladder depends on how-well he has learnt the business fundamentals. Successful placement, as well as bright careers for Alumni, will be a key indicator of the Best MBA Courses/College.

RVS IMSR has an in-house training and placement cell, which aspires to provide rightful employment opportunity for the students in this desired field and role. We are preparing the students to be excellent managers in Digital Age Businesses like Digital Marketing Consulting Companies, Business Analytics Companies, New Age Finance Companies and Logistics Tech Companies. One of our student, Vishnu, Got Placed with BYJU’s for a salary of 10 LPA.

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If an MBA courses/college focuses on making these vital 4 aspects of MBA education done expertly, it will become one of the best MBA college. RVS IMSR Coimbatore is focused on making the MBA Experience highly rewarding for students.

Other Important Aspects, to be considered
  • A clearly articulated Goal / Vision / Mission of the institution
  • University Affiliation, and acceptance around the world
  • Ranking of the institute. RVS IMSR ranked as one of the best mba colleges in Coimbatore,
    Tamilnadu and South India
  • Student Testimonials
  • Industry Testimonials
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