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Student Life

“Be a student as long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.” – Henry L. Doherty

Every student joining our programme has a unique set of life circumstances and requirements. With students coming from various parts of India and outside, the cultural diversity of the campus is all the more interesting and exciting. The real MBA experience is more than attending classes; it reverberates beyond the classrooms. The real experience is also about developing a sense of belongingness to this rich and diverse community, taking part in all the celebrations and nurturing a feeling that this place, for two years, is closer to your heart like your own home.

Have a look at how student life unfolds at RVS IMSR

Association & Clubs

The institution has several associations and clubs to engage the students in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Such forums provide platforms that offer numerous avenues for leadership and development. The objective is to build students as well-rounded professionals.


The Entrepreneurship Cell

Pragathi is the Entrepreneurship Cell of RVS IMSR. The cell aims at the empowerment of the student community through entrepreneurship. Pragathi receives resource and training support from National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), promoted by Wadhwani Foundation. Pragathi ventured to create the Campus Company PRAGATHI STORES, a stationery business venture, funded and run by the members of the Pragathi, at RVS CAS Campus on October 19th, 2012. The store managed by the students meets the stationery requirements of the students and the staff members of the campus. Student entrepreneurs are also encouraged to participate in TATA First Dot, a National level Entrepreneurship Competition. E Week, a week-long celebration of Entrepreneurship is conducted in the campus every year to showcase the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Management Association

MAGNA was established with the prime objective of promoting and representing student interests, talent and exposure within the institution and with the student community outside through various inter departments and intercollegiate events. MAGNA office bearers and members involve in social, academic and recreational activities by undertaking projects and activities like industrial visits, intercollegiate meet-SIGRUN, visiting old age homes & orphanages, conducting and participating in sports, undertaking eco-friendly projects, joining blood donation camps..etc. These help students to enhance their social responsibilities and knowledge in various fields.


Ideas Worth Sharing! Lessons Worth Spreading

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design.)

The RVS TED-Ed Club was founded by RVS Training Academy in February, 2016. TEDx RVS was inaugurated by the Managing Trustee of RVS Educational Trust Shri. K. Senthil Ganesh. The club proposes to expose its members to great talks on subjects of deep personal relevance. The objective is to create a space for Business Students to bat around ideas without bias or judgment, because ideas can’t be fenced in. ‘Ted Talks’ are an inspiring and engaging oral activity to expose and train students to generate ideas , think fresh and building effective communication skills. This dynamic club is spearheaded by Dr. Hyacinth Pink, Chief Mentor, RVS Training Academy.


Fresher’s Day

The new buds joining the institution are given a three day induction programme to explore and exhibit their true talent. They learn lessons of leadership, teamwork, presentation, communication and soft skills during the programme. This is the starting point of their journey as management professionals.


Alumni Meet

Many RVS graduates have contributed their part in the corporate world- as senior managers, executives, entrepreneurs and the like. There are around 1700 alumni that have gloriously passed out of the campus, well –connected with the institution by taking part in the home-coming event on January 26th every year.