Core Courses

  • Organizational Development
  • This course is designed to provide students with different perspectives on Organization Development at the individual, group, and organizational levels of analysis. Students learn to become agents for change, to improve human resources and organizational effectiveness, and to increase productivity. In this course, theoretical models and the process of OD will be discussed. Students will also learn how to improve individual, group/team and organizational performance through the use of OD techniques or interventions like group dynamics, training, culture change, and work-life balance.

  • Training & Development
  • The course is about the training and employee development and human performance improvement in organizations. Students will learn about training needs analyses, the various methods associated with training and development interventions, and how to design and evaluate training programs in an effective fashion. The objective is to develop an understanding of the skills, abilities, and practical elements of employee development and performance improvement in organizations.

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • This course intends to develop both the knowledge and skills to design and implement effective recruitment and selection processes and/or to critique and improve existing processes. The role of recruitment and selection is examined in relation to an organization's overall profitability or viability. Through a blend of theory and application, the course introduces students to a wide range of issues, principles, practices and trends in recruitment and selection. The course is of high relevance for a human resource professional in either an organizational or consulting capacity.

  • Performance Management
  • This course examines the importance of an effective performance management system in helping organizations define and achieve short and long term goals. It explains and reinforces the concept that performance management is an ongoing process of planning, facilitating, assessing, and improving individual and organizational performance. The course also emphasizes the importance of measuring the effectiveness of human resource activities that are designed to enhance individual and organizational performance.

  • Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
  • To enable the students to learn the conceptual and practical aspects of employee relations and legal framework at the macro and micro levels.

  • Business Leadership
  • To provide a concise overview on leadership, including leadership behavior, leadership styles and skills.

  • Human Resource Development
  • The objective of the course is to make student aware of the concepts, techniques and practices of human resource development. This course is intended to make students capable of applying the principles and techniques as professionals for developing human resources in an organization.

  • International Human Resource Management
  • To give an understanding to the students the impact of HRM within a global business context and to act as effective HR managers in international area.

  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • To help students understand the transformation in the role of HR functions from being a support function to strategic function.

  • Compensation Management
  • The course is designed to promote understanding of issues related to the compensation in organizations and to impart skills in designing, analyzing and restructuring compensation packages related systems, policies and strategies.


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