What makes Amazon, Flipkart, OLA, PAYTM, Whatsapp possible ?

These emerging business are possible only because of Digital Technology

How do I get there ?

Business + Technology Knowledge is Needed



Partneship with Leading Industries
Curriculum Design
Faculty Training
Content Development
Real-time Projects
Co-mingled Teaching

for Business Analytics

During the academic year 2014, RVS IMSR entered into an academic partnership with IBM, a blue chip global corporate, for offering a highly promising specialization in ‘Business Analytics’ under the MBA programme.

for Applied Finance

During the academic year 2015, RVS IMSR entered into an academic affiliation with FinShiksha, an IIM Calcutta alumnus academy, to offer a unique specialization in ‘Applied finance’ under the MBA programme. FinShiksha, based out of Mumbai, specializes in education in the financial services domain.

for Digital Marketing

Trainedge is pioneer in Digital Marketing in India for the past 12+ years. In a way, Trainedge helped establish Digital Marketing Practices in India. Trainedge is founded by Vishal Srivastava, an ISB Alumni, with 15+ years of experience in Technology and Digital Marketing. Trainedge came forward to collaborate with RVS. They helps us create curriculum, course content, case studies, practical examples and more.

for Logistics & SCM

During the academic year 2015, RVS IMSR has entered into an academic collaboration with CII- Institute of Logistics. Since 2004, CII Institute of Logistics, the country’s premier Centre of Excellence in logistics and SCM, has enabled a number of exemplary success stories in logistics. The Institute addresses the need of sharpening India Inc’s competitive edge through better Logistics and Supply Chain practices.