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MBA in Business Analytics - in collaboration with IBM

A specialization in Business Analytics empowers Management graduates with the most- sought-after skills in the corporate world today on understanding business cycle patterns based on historical data and projecting a productive future course of businesses. The programme entails a fine blend of Business Domain, Statistical Tools & Techniques, Visual Communication and Presentation Skills enriched by the essential practical exposure to the real-time cases and scenarios .


The objective of this course is to enables the students to learn the application of Statistical Tools in business decision making. Students can develop a good understanding of probability and its role in statistics and decision-making, learn how to formulate hypotheses, and be able to collect appropriate data and analyze it using statistical techniques.
The course imparts knowledge on how to develop models to predict categorical and continuous outcomes, using such techniques as neural networks, decision trees, logistic regression, support vector machines, and Bayesian network models. It describes the use of the binary classifier and numeric predictor nodes to automate model selection and advices on when and how to use each model or apply combination of two or more models to improve prediction.
The course aims to develop an understanding ofhow to design & develop reports and dashboards utilizing key performance indicators to improve day-to-day business decision making. It provides learning on how to plan and implement BI development projects and know the administrative and deployment scenarios & issues in BI space.
The course covers fundamental applications of optimization, probability, statistics, simulation, and engineering economic analysis in industry and the public sector in contexts involving uncertainty and scarce or expensive resources. It focuses on the use of mathematical and computational modeling in real decision-making problems.
This course aims students to gain knowledge and perspective of IT Infrastructure. It enables them to learn open standards for enterprise applications in healthcare, retail and insurance verticals.
This course aims to develop capabilities required for business objective analysis and achieve the same through managing the process implementation in the organization.
This course aims to develop an understanding on the use of business analytics in social, web, media & communication space. It explores the ways of using statistical data in developing metrics that can help track visitor activity that can guide marketing strategies. You will learn how to optimize different aspects of a site to increase visitors, maximize conversion rates, and reduce the costs of acquisition. The course also teaches how to synchronize a brand across all Social Media outlets.
This course enables to work with unconventional & unstructured data sources like Web server logs, Internet click stream data, social media activity reports, mobile-phone call detail records and information captured by sensors to produce analytics. It helps to understand and use the technologies associated with big data analytics including NoSQL databases, Hadoop and Map Reduce. It enables students to practice big data operations on IBM Big Insight platform.
This course aims to develop an understanding of the use of business analytics in industries like banking, insurance, retail& consumer products, media & communication. Students get in depth knowledge with case studies on the impact of Business analytics and intricate details about its use in the Major industrial domains.


1     Collaboration with IBM

  • Industry-endorsed courseware
  • Internationally recognized Certifications
  • IBM-trained faculty
  • Subject Matter Experts on Campus
2     Additional Features

  • Academic training tie-up with K2Analytics
  • Project work with mentorship from industry experts
  • State-of-the-art Analytics and Big Data Lab
3     Hands-on Training offered in

  • Database management- SQL
  • Statistical Tools- Ms Excel, SAS, R
  • Visual Communication- Tableau
  • Big Data Technologies- Hadoop

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Industry Opinion

Srikanth Balasubramanian,
Leading Corporate Trainer
Business Analytics, CFA , FRM , PRM & CFP

“There is a huge demand for Analytics and most corporates are finding it difficult to find talent with both managerial as well as model building skills. The Business Analytics course of RVSIMSR has all the ingredients necessary for sculpting an industry-ready professional.”

Career Opportunities

  • Data Scientist
  • Predictive Modeler
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Specialist
  • Campaign Analyst
  • Data Analyst