1 Meet New People

3 Develop your Network & Skills

2 Exchange Ideas

4 Have FUN!


These event schedules may vary, keep an eye on news section for updates

Culturals & Music Shows

Live music and dance performance in front of an audience. The MBA seminar hall is equipped with digital acoustic sound systems with aroud 200 seats

Intercollegiate Events

Test your organisational and innovative skills. Intercollegiate event is an one day or two day event which the institute hosts for fellow students from other institutions. Students get a chance to learn organisational capabilities by organising the event.


Physical well-being is of prime importance for anyone who is aspiring for excellence. In order to promote physical well-being, there are enough avenues to venture into. Shuttle cork, cricket, football and tennis are the most played sports, while you have opportunity for all sorts of sports activities.

Seminars & Workshops

How do I know what is happening in the industry? How do I get to hear experts in a specific field? To offer the avenues to hear from industry or experts, we organise regular seminars & workshops. Students take active part in organising them.

Tours & Industrial visits

Is it not important to have first hand experience of what we are learning? Regular Industrial Visits are arranged so as to give the practical exposure into management practices and businesses processes. Students visit Industries, Warehouses, Malls and other places. At times, a long distance tour is also organised with a purpose of practical learning.

Public Service Campaigns

Students actively participate in public awareness campaigns in order to create awareness about pressing social issues. Students organise blood donation camps, take up research activities to aid the local governing body, take up an area to ensure its cleanliness, etc., Students also visits and supports an orphanage on a regular basis.

Alumni Meets

Alumni meet is conducted to enable alumni interaction with current students & faculty proving industry insights and job opportunities